About the project


The CEFRABID project focuses on advanced applications of photovoltaic (PV) products in road and rail transport infrastructure. The main goal is to develop a photovoltaic network integrated with noise barriers and passenger stops along the local infrastructure for the needs of supplying this infrastructure, e.g. signaling, lighting of road sections and railway platforms, including road crossings, as well as, finally, heating or cooling of passenger stops . The traditional road transport infrastructure will be complemented by innovative low-carbon economy tools with the new HPVNRB solutions.

As part of the project's goals, a new type of hybrid road noise barrier HPVNRB (Hybrid Photovoltaic Noise Road/Rail Barrier) will be developed, which will also be photovoltaic panels. In addition to protection against road and rail noise, the noise barriers will provide solar energy to power selected applications.

Hybrid photovoltaic noise road/rail barrier HPVNRB